3.7. Tools for luminosity

3.7.1. b2info-luminosity: Show the luminosity corresponding to a given experiment(s)

New in version release-04-00-01.

Script to get the integrated luminosity.

Script to get the integrated luminosity of a set of runs

Optional Arguments


Experiment numbers (required). Range allowed: eg 3,7-10


Process only the selected run range. Syntax is xx-yy,zz. Multiple ranges allowed xx-yy,zz,aa-bb


Possible choices: offline, online

Which luminosity: online (default) or offline

Default: “online”


Print luminosity for each run


Show also delivered lumi


Consider only good and recoverable runs (default False)


Possible choices: None, 4S, 4S_offres, 4S_scan

Consider only runs with given beam energy None(default)/4S/4S_offres/4S_scan


ECL DataBase path (for developers)

Default: “/group/belle2/dataprod/Luminosity/ecl_lom.db”


DataBase path for OffLine Lumi (for developers)

Default: “/group/belle2/dataprod/Luminosity/OffLineLuminosity.db”


Use the read-only token to automatize the script


Provide DESY username for crediantial access

3.8. Tools for ParticleStats

3.8.1. b2plot-particleStats: Analyze a json produced by ParticleStats to produce plot of retention rate and pass matrix

New in version release-05-01-13.

Script to plot from json produced by ParticleStat module.

usage: Built-in functions, exceptions, and other objects.

Noteworthy: None is the `nil' object; Ellipsis represents `...' in slices.

Optional Arguments


Input json file


Possible choices: Retention, All Particles ACM, All Particles ACPME, PassMatrix

Which plot to produce

Default: [‘Retention’, ‘PassMatrix’]


Verbose mode

Default: False