3.4. Tools which will provide you help

3.4.1. b2help-modules: List available basf2 modules and ask about their details

This returns either all available modules within basf2 or returs specific information about a module when requested.


b2help-modules will return the full list of available modules. b2help-modules PACKAGE will return a list of modules associated with the given PACKAGE name. b2help-modules MODULENAME will return specific information about the module with the name MODULENAME.

usage: b2help-modules [-h] [module]

Required Arguments


Get information specific to the requested module.

3.4.2. b2help-particles: List particles used in the event generator

Utility to list and search the particle data known to the Belle II Software.

Just calling this program will print a list of all known particles which can be searched by name and mass using command line arguments

usage: b2help-particles [-h] [--min-mass MIN] [--max-mass MAX]
                        [--include-width N] [--regex] [-s {pdg,name,mass}]
                        [-r] [--pdg PDG]

Required Arguments


Optional name to search for in particles

Optional Arguments


Minimum mass for all particles to print


Maximum mass for all particles to print


When searching for particles by mass this argument can be given to include all particles which fullfill the mass search within (mass +- N*width)


If given the name will be interpreted as a python regular expression

-s, --sort

Possible choices: pdg, name, mass

sort the list by the given value

-r, --reverse

reverse sorting if given


If given show particles with the given PDG Code

3.4.3. b2help-variables: List available variables in the analysis package

This returns all variables which are available in the Analysis package of basf2.



usage: b2help-variables [-h] [--no-pager]

Optional Arguments


Use a pager to show output or print to terminal.