18. TRG

This package contains code relevant for the L1 trigger.

18.1. Functions in mdst.py

L1trigger.add_grl_gdl_tsim(path, SimulationMode=1, OpenFilter=False, Belle2Phase='Phase3', PrintResult=False)[source]

add grl and gdl, the function have to applied based on the dataobjects produced in add_subdetector_trigger_simulation the parameters are the same as above

L1trigger.add_subdetector_tsim(path, SimulationMode=1, shortTracks=False, OpenFilter=False, Belle2Phase='Phase3', component=['CDC', 'ECL', 'KLM'])[source]

add the trigger simlation of subdetector, no grl and gdl the parameters are the same as above

L1trigger.add_tsim(path, SimulationMode=1, shortTracks=False, OpenFilter=False, Belle2Phase='Phase3', PrintResult=False, component=['CDC', 'ECL', 'KLM', 'GRL', 'GDL'], PrintInfo=False)[source]

add the gdl module to path

  • path – module is added to this path

  • SimulationMode – the simulation mode in TSIM, 1: fast simulation, trigger algoritm simulation only, no firmware simulation 2: full simulation, both trigger algorithm and firmware are simulated

  • minHits – the minimum number of CDC super layers with hits, the default values is 4

  • OpenFilter – if OpenFilter is True, the events failed to pass L1 trigger will be discarded. Make sure you do need open filter before you set the value to True

  • Belle2Phase – the trigger menu at the phase is applied. Option: Phase2, Phase3

  • component – list of sub-trigger components to be included in simulation